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    Oprea Stefan Oprea Stefan Romania says:

    Hello everyone, I am Oprea Stefan and I am 14 years old from Roumanian,Europe. Here we don t have a good tratament for amblyopia, my left eye is 50 with glasses, and my right eye is 100 (so he don t have problems) as I child I don t have money to do many things but I have a natural life style, I patched my eye 3 hours on day and I do exercices for my eyes, To be honest the result is very good I know I will have a normal eye, I think I see 3D, I mean when I was child my eye got patched too, I am sure I see 3D and I have a binocular vision too, but I want to be sure, so I will folow all natural trataments and I do what is in my power to see absoluty normaly, because I want to become a footballer and play in Europe. Hope all of you who see this comment will see normaly, I am sure you will. I am sorry for my bad english. Bye,bye!

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