1. Imran khan Imran khan India says:

    Simon Chapman said that one particular cigarette brand sold in Greece is confirmed to be using pig haemoglobin in its manufacturing process. Not all brands using pig blood. He says in Greece not all over world, so india may be safe. In India ITC manufactures cigrettes so there is no need to worry. In India many Hindus like Brahmins, Lingayaths also smoke, they hate pig product as we do so in India ITC may not use pig blood.

    • kabeer khan kabeer khan Australia says:

      I think that a good point but "ITC may not use" is just a thought or may be ITC are using who knows. When multinational companies are doing it all over the world why can't it be in India. The worse part is that even after this news was released the cigarette companies didn't bother to give an explanation on the issue which is very rude on there part.

      I think the vegetarians, Jews and Muslims should be ashamed
      that they have not gone forward and done any thing with regards in this matter!

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