1. J F J F United States says:

    I'll offer some personal info that may help. I contracted COVID back in Dec 2019 (not labeled then) then in June 2020 I had an antibody test done and it was positive. Earlier this week (9/27/21) I again decided to have another antibody test done. Results: Positive

    I work in a busy south King county (Seattle) hospital emergency room and have since prior to the COVID outbreak. I was not vaccinated at the time of those (2) tests. Nearly 21 months post COVID infection and I still have antibodies. It is wrong to suggest that having antibodies does not mean you're protected. In 21 months of working directly with COVID patients I bet not. It does indeed for many.

    The vaccine while effective isn't always effective for everyone and does not last as long as a naturally occurred antibodies event from COVID infection. Studies are now showing that the so called 'edge' that the vaccine provides to those who've already previously had COVID isn't really an 'edge' at all. Once it wanes your natural immunity affords more than enough. The body stores memory into bone marrow. That is not detectable via traditional antibody test.

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