1. Carlos N Misty Christian Carlos N Misty Christian United States says:

    I actually am pregnant and due in April, and I have several children & breastfed them all. I would like to say that I have been taught by my lactation consultant, previous years, that if I am sick that my child would receive my antibodies of whatever I had come down with and I will add that I have had flu, etc bugs that my children either didn't get or they were not sick really at all with the exception of maybe a mild temp bc of the antibodies I gave them. I have been really sick a couple of times, fever and all, with a couple of them while breastfeeding and they didn't get it. I don't know 100 percent that I got the cv19 this year but I did experience some of the symptoms that they reported, so I did quarantine myself, and I did get better. I am still pregnant so I know that whatever I had, Father was watching over us, and gave it to me so the baby would be protected, and I know that when my breastmilk comes in that the baby will be just fine. I have complete and 'udder' faith that I have great immunity because I have never had any flu vaccine but have been sick with what I am pretty sure was flu before. My children and I are in great health currently, one of them being an adult and the others still young ranging from 17 all the way down to nearly 3,(in May), so I am pretty confident that I know what I am talking about, even though I don't have any degree in healthcare.

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