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  1. Tiffany Dew Tiffany Dew United States says:

    Right now, I’m about 18 weeks pregnant with twins. This is a cryptic pregnancy. All the pee tests, blood tests and ultrasound show up negative. My stomache is getting bigger, I have felt the babies move, and have heard their hearts with a stephyscope, an app for my phone which is like a Doppler and a Doppler that I bought. When I go to a doctor about my symptoms I’m told I’m crazy or that I should know by now that I’m not pregnant based on the tests. It’s hard when you go for help when you start to feel contractions and the minute the tests come back negative your told her is a piece of paper on abdominal pain and they stop talking to you, since they feel like you wasted their time. The only way that I got the ultrasound was to be persistent about it. I’m not making this up, and the more that time continues on the more I can’t get the proper prenatal care and the more time I take off from work for no doctor will give me a note stating that I cannot got back to work due to having early contractions. This is frustrating and when you are not supposed to be stressed and you for no one will take you seriously it’s so stressful. I wish doctors would look beyond tests and listen to every part that they are supposed to do like the abdomen for that would solve have the problems. But until that changes it’s more negative tests and doctors saying that I’m waisting their time, which I’m not.

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