1. Spencer Tolkas Spencer Tolkas United States says:

    Then perhaps I may not have dismissed the tingling in my hand, the need to shake it every 5 minutes. The new pain in my elbow on month 3 and my inner voice that still thinks the doctor probably thinks I complain about every little thing when in reality I live in mire pain daily than he will ever understand. ( not that he's not compassionate but you can't know or understand the pain unless you have lived with it) Now I'm having surgery this Monday and the surgeon says my chances of full recovery are zero. I have a 50% chance of no improvement or worse off. All of this could have been avoided had I spoken up about different ongoing pain. He even thought it was a pinched nerve from my all over arthritis so we waited another 4 months for it to go away. I wish any MD making the fibromyalgia diagnosis would have some kind of literature to give us patients. There is so much out here on the web it gets repetitive and sometimes just aggravating. I had no idea this was something to look out for and now I may never get to write a letter again.

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