1. Cherryl Harris Cherryl Harris United States says:

    .. is that in December 2019 I, and my roommate, came down ill from “not the flu/strep” unknown sickness after he’d traveled to San Antonio, visited his family and stopped by the military base exchange.

    I was sick for a month or so. I never seemed to recover and by the end of February 3020 my doctor had run EBV tests and it seemed I was in a reactivation.

    On 3/8/2020 I was coughed/sneezed full in the face by a small child and by the early hours came down sick with doctor presumed COVID as I went through days of full blown symptoms.  Serious breathing/chest pain/lethargy lasted a few days.  No one took me to the hospital but I didn’t know or care.

    Most COVID symptoms after that lasted for almost 4 months .. then lowered down to only a few symptoms until October when it seemed I was reinfected again but recovery time was less.  A few symptoms lingered after that for months.

    I have more health issues that have arisen since then but who knows if they are due to COVID or other.


      I was in San Antonio, also on the post at Ft. Sam Houston when I was exposed to COVID.  My symptoms didn't start showing up until I was back home in SC on January 2, 2020.  I tested negative for flu & strep, but had high fever, a headache from Hell and chills like I've never felt before.  I had EBV back in 2012 and I'm thinking that it has been reactivated as I've now had long-haul issues for the last 2 years.  I've had sensory loss in my feet and toes, tachycardia, vertigo, extreme fatigue, memory loss, brain fog and mental confusion.  I use the Spoon Theory to keep my activity levels well measured.

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