1. Ravikumar Menon Ravikumar Menon India says:

    A weird case of criminal negligence. Death of a 24 year old lactating lady with an one year old child died on 14/12/2004. She was given injection Ampicillin for renal colic by gynecologist. Then she developed breathlessness due to allergic reaction. This was treated with injection Diazepam by duty doctor. Both the injections are prescribed by doctors and administered as per the nurses record. But these two injections are not mentioned in the reference letter. This is the documentary evidence of CONCEALMENT of drug history. The CONCEALMENT of drug history is the ACT.The criminal case under culpable homicide not amounting to murder(Indian Penal Code 304 Part(II) is pending before the High Court of Kerala. I am the court witness appointed by the High Court of Kerala. The crime will come under Indian Penal Code 300(4) and hence the punishment will be under Indian Penal Code 302.
    I.P.C. 300(4) is the KNOWLEDGE that the PROBABILITY(in this case POSSIBILITY is 100% if the antidote inj.Adrenaline is not given) of death is imminent.

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