1. n colin n colin United States says:

    These studies are making me wonder if anyone is listening, observing detox and inpatient populations, speaking with those addicted to illicit fentanyl or even care because this will not help and appears to be only hastly throwing Suboxone and the availability of Suboxone to become easier to obtain with a false hope that it would even help this problem and epidemic. First off, illicit fentanyl when taken daily for a time period of around 45 days straight or longer will be in the average person's fat cells and possibly other cells for periods lasting up to as long as a few weeks and in the longest case I personally know of, up to 29 days. This is because it's lipophilic like THC and builds up in a person's body over time. Suboxone will not help initially period as there is a ceiling affect and illicit fentanyl is up to 50 times more potent than heroin not to mention carfentanyl 1,000 times more potent meaning an illicit fentanyl user would have to take 30 strips of 8mg daily or more to even touch the withdrawals except that Suboxone ceiling affect hits between 24-32mg daily so anymore taken than this will not further assist withdrawals nor would any doctor prescribe more than this. This research is simply flawed on at least 3 major, unavoidable and easily noticeable separate areas that it's difficult to even give credibility to this if the person reading it has even the most basic knowledge of the properties of Suboxone and illicit fentanyl. Very scary and disheartening that such hast is being placed into solving this epidemic and such inaccurate studies are being given out to the public.

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