1. michael michael United States says:

    My mom has been living with me and my spouse and kids for about two years. At first things where good,she had to go into the hospital, went to the nursing home and we brought her back home. Since then after six months being back home with us she has had an issue with my youngest daughter, blaming her for everything and my daughter does nothing to her we caught my mom on cam sicking her tongue out at her and my wife when they where walking out the door, she gives her these smart alick smiles to her made faces at her with my back turned,tells lies won't admitted shes wrong we don't have the money to put her in assist living crystal and boowhos when I catch her in a lie then three days later she's says shes sorry we are tired of herring it, she has chooses to stay in het room so she associated herself with anyone she has a tv and cable and I take her dinner to her so what is this she is trying to push my family out the door theres nothing wrong with her mind so what can I do.....?

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