1. Wendy Allen Wendy Allen United States says:

    Awesome research! This may even help Celiac/gluten issues which may affect 90% of the population. To me MS is due to Celiac which hurts the gut lining so less nutrients absorb...then cells are not made right to work right to burn oxygen. Low oxygen in my brain causes my MS.  Gluten may affect the thyroid (lowering oxygen)/adrenals (stealing progesterone) and other glands.  Gluten may lower the immune system so infections like Lyme/Epstein Barr may  happen. Ozone/herbs/Far Infrared Sauna etc. may help infections. Zyto scans show organ/infections etc. Hair tests show good minerals/heavy metals. Taking vitamins/good oils/minerals/probiotic/zinc/Mg/biotin 5000mcg/fish oil 2000mg/evening primrose oil 2000mg/lecithin 2000mg/Vit C/rhodiola/coenzyme Q10/Vit B12 methylcobalamin shot/intrinsic factor kind (helps raise oxygen and remyelinate the brain/helps the bones)/MTHF folate/Nature's plus- Source of life multiple/HCl and enzymes with meals  help my MS. LDN/gluten enzymes help block hidden gluten. Gluten is wheat/barley/rye/oats/corn/rice. Microscopic gluten hurts me.
             Bioidentical hormones..estriol/progesterone/testosterone which helps circulation/thyroid/immune system/blood sugar/blood pressure etc.... and EDTA/DMPS IV chelations that unclog my blood vessels and remove heavy metals help me. Th1/Th2 foods may affect swelling. Th2 foods right now swell me. I currently have Lyme...30 years after getting MS due to Celiac.  Celiac may affect the liver so it doesn't detox well and heavy metals may build up that block the thyroid and other chemical reaction. Celiac is due to low sunlight heritage or people new to eating these foods. 5000IU of Vit D3/sunlight/exercise/good water/organic vegetables/low sugar fruit and more may help. Gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO/heated oils/saturated fat/monounsaturated fat/meat/coconut oil/turmeric/resveratrol etc hurt me. I can't everything promoted as healthy. Amour thyroid helps raise oxygen. MS people may not be getting thyroid medicine due to a strange TSH due to gluten hurting also the pituitary which doesn't let it make TSH. Free T4 and free T3 need to be in the upper range. My Celiac help rebuilds the cells in my brain/body to burn oxygen as it helps the gut lining heal so more nutrients absorb.  LDN helps the immune system work right..not raise/lower it...blocks hidden gluten from stimulating th opioid receptor sites which makes the immune system attack the gut lining/glands etc..

    Thanks for helping with MS! Awesome research to figure out how the immune system is working. Happiness....

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