1. Aaron McMichael Aaron McMichael United States says:

    The control group was literally unvaccinated cells frozen before 2019... As in actually unvaccinated, but in vitro, not vivo.

    The experimental group.... It was NOT SPECIFIED whether the experimental group was vaccinated, unvaccinated, or mix.....

    Okay... Observations... Observe that no macrophages are eating healthy cells in unvaccinated people... I mean control group.

    Macrophages eating cells in long COVID group... what were the macrophages attracted to? Were the cells marked with spike protein or nucleocapsid protein? What explains why a good immune cell would attack a healthy cell in a human? What is it called when your auto immune system is deficient at maintaining healthy cells and attacks healthy cells?

    Okay observations.... No heart inflammation, but muscular inflammation? No obvious myocarditis... Anyone got a lighter for this gas grill?

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