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    cay cutler cay cutler United States says:

    The author is uneducated or just not willing to say. (Guessing the latter). As an avid bodybuilder everyone knows that CLOMID (illegal if not prescribed---so illegal) jacks your volume to RIDICULOUS levels. This is taken in pill form at the end of a "cycle” that being said I have never taken steroids BUT CONSIDERED taking just CLOMID for the effects, but you’re really messing with your body chem at that point. The guys on the juice need it at the end of a cycle, in the bodybuilding world, Clomid functions as an anti-estrogen. It curtails the effects of estrogen in the body, and also is used to slow catabolism after a steroid cycle. (it helps maintain your gains and helps your body manage the loss of all the xtra testosterone you artificially produced) and I see the amazement every time when someone in the gym ends a cycle for the first time and takes CLOMID, Peter North status (and I’m 100% convinced he was always on a light cycle and discovered CLOMID very early on). So to say that you cannot increase semen volume by popping a pill is 100% false. Should you take Clomid? Aaah NO!!!. And if I had I wouldn’t be here. I agree with much above being a fitness minded person lots of water and since I take in more protein than average (bitter for the ladies) I am careful to add pineapple and cinnamon powder daily to my meals. Yes that works, but so does a lot of candy, sugar etc if you want. Basically a diet rich in protein, lots of greens, etc is going to make you money shot taste like battery acid to the ladies, that’s not too hard to deduce. I also agree and can say as I’m sure most of  you know, the ability to control you Kegel muscles… like REALLY control them, can hold you off for an impressive finish after time, AND a few pops in between.
    All this aside has ANYONE taken ANYTHING long enough (6/8  weeks) to say yes?

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