1. Helen Nock Helen Nock United Kingdom says:

    I note the much larger observations and explanation of childhood trauma over a brief nod to CNS irritation.  And nothing about physical trauma. I wonder if most people specifically questioned in a clinical setting feeling distraught, nervous, overwhelmed and vulnerable by in combination with a dis-empowering setting and fragility from illness will dig up and quickly identify with childhood trauma.  I appreciate community cannot credit an illness without any empirical evidence - our people want us to assure them that 'they found it via....
    There should be focus on physically present abnormalities, and there does seem to be a core set present in a significant majority of the fibro population; certainly among the hundreds of discussions I have read and participated in.  This also seems to be a huge hurdle for general practitioners re justification for the financial burden of fibro tests. In the UK, for example, how many doctors are sending patients suspected of fibro or chronic fatigue spectrum for extensive tests.  We are given a pill most times and no referral. Surely this means that a huge cohort of prospective study material goes unknown.   I know that when I see my GP he examines my symptoms for degree and treatment as individual entities.  I feel at a complete loss that we can't even discuss the prevalence of a set of minor physical symptoms common to fibro.  As far as depression; I was not depressed until it fully dawned on me that there was no answer or treatment for my symptoms, that my GP probably thinks they are psychosomatic, and that I was refused even the basic referral route for further elimination tests. Following that, I could not prove myself to my community.

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