1. Pippa Blaylock Pippa Blaylock United Kingdom says:

    Good piece on potassium levels. How interesting too. Pure serendipity ... as my extensive blood assay has been completed very regularly since September 2019 to present and so has been monitored throughout the COVID infections. I believe I was exposed to the very first round of COVID in June 2019 having travelled to Seattle and Washington State being my second trip in two years to the USA and if as i believe there has been a long lag phase perhaps even July 2018? Prior to HRT my potassium levels were robust. Questioning medics they knew little how it placed me in terms of risk, for the first variants but initial data suggested loss of testosterone and increasing levels of oestrogen afforded protection. I may have auto immune issues from a long way back and had a sub total thyroidectomy following thryotoxicosis as a teenager. March 2020 finally culminated in going down with COVID and although quite poorly I wasn't hospitalised, I say finally as 'it' appeared to flare every three months since 2018. I had extreme fatigue often. Fast forward to two Pfizer jabs and I experienced a 'reset' in terms of my health it was as if I had been 'wiped clean' finally. Then as my transition became more completed and with one jab I had a 24 hour 'Kent variant' flare as best as I can describe. Then  recently after my second jab I got the same 'nasty summer cold' that BBC reporter Andrew Marr described and felt pretty poorly again and had a blood test around the 19th July and my potassium levels that had been drifting downwards were returned at 2.9 mEq/l 'abnormal' and repeat testing confirmed a slight improvement. Serum potassium level (XE2pz) 3.4 mmol/L [3.5 - 5.3]  I had also experienced hypertension and hypokalaemia and thought best call for emergency advice considering how weak and tired I felt. from an endocrine blood perspective I am ostensibly female now but only had this low potassium effect when I assume i caught the Delta variant and the Pfizer jab did not protect me completely but did better for the Kent variant. I would say I have recovered better than I did during the period prior to my jabs so I didn't get hospitalised but felt it might be heading that way but it was simply acute rather giving longer term fatigue. Hopefully this is the last time this I encounter COVID n !

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