1. Sultan Ansari Sultan Ansari India says:

    The presence of mycotoxin in food and feed poses a significant safety concern. Specific molds produce these harmful substances and can infect a range of agricultural products, including nuts, grains, and animal feed. Mycotoxins can cause acute and chronic illnesses, potentially causing liver and kidney damage, immune system suppression, and even cancer, which puts both humans and animals at risk. Along with health concerns, mycotoxin contamination can lead to substantial financial losses because of rejected crops and products, along with increased healthcare expenses. Climate change and globalization further complicate the matter, as they can create conditions conducive to mycotoxin production and spread. To ensure food and feed safety, implementing effective prevention and mitigation strategies, such as proper storage, monitoring, and regulatory measures, is crucial. Equinox Labs provides food testing and other services with a PAN-India presence and 6 labs, including a NABL-approved lab.https://www.foodtestinginkolkata.com/

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