1. Johnny Bluenosei Johnny Bluenosei United States says:

    Many good points on both sides of this debate. Personally I believe it all comes down to what you believe. You can go on to justify your beliefs via the Bible or what you think is science but ultimately you are just trying to support the position you already own.

    It could be that people who reject homosexuality have a 'natural predisposition' to feel that way. In any event the statement 'homosexuality is wrong, people shouldn't do it' is a valid belief and shouldn't be attacked anymore than the statement 'it's OK to be Gay'. It's up to the individual to decide.

    Unfortunately this will not suffice because both sides don't want the other to preach their agenda as it threatens there own.

    The problem with the anti-gay position is it is a position that preaches restraint. Don't do that. It restricts or attempts to restrict. Hence the opposing group uses the mantra of freedom. No one likes to be told not to do something.

    We live in a society of laws, rules, regulations, morals and ethics. These rules change as society changes. Some things on the cusp like homosexuality can readily come beck over to the 'acceptable' side because after all can anyone really say it is hurting anyone? It may hurt out feelings but that is not enough. Bring down society? Don't think so...too late!

    If college students started drooping their pants on campus and a group was opposed you could make all the same arguments. Who is it hurting? It's about freedom of expression. Let's bring a lawsuit because our group is being discriminated against. They would call us haters but a parent telling his child to pull their pants up doesn't mean we hate anyone.

    The fact is millions of people believe homosexuality is wrong regardless of religion and we reserve the right to remind you of that and to teach others and proclaim the same. We don't hate you, but if you try to shove your agenda down our throats we will speak up and remind you.

    To be sure, there are hundreds of 'wrongs' that people do everyday and this one is minor in comparison but it is still considered wrong by many and after all is the topic of this debate.

    • Amy Schrecengost Amy Schrecengost United States says:

      My problem, specifically with those who use religion to justify their arguments on homosexuality, is that they pick and choose what parts of the Bible they choose to follow (and they do choose these parts willingly). In almost the same breath that God (or I should say the fallible human(s) who wrote the passages) says homosexuality is a sin, he says that eating shellfish and wearing mixed fabrics are a sin. And the only sin that is greater than any other is denouncing God. Bible also states that if a woman is raped she should marry her rapist. Or that stoning you insolent wife or child is justifiable. We reserve the right to remind you of this.

      I don't hate religious people. And I honestly could care less if millions of people think homosexuality is wrong. Millions of people think tattoos are wrong too. If those extremely fervent anti homosexuals cannot get over their focus on other people's lives and deal with their own, then maybe they should move to a country that is actually a theocracy, like Saudi Arabia, and leave Americans with individual freedoms alone.

      Honestly, if everyone just dropped their "agendas" (both sides), and looked at this as nothing more than a legal matter (which is all it really boils down to in the end), then everyone could just shut up and move on already to actual important issues.

      There is no fun to be had in being objective though. And being objective certainly doesn't fit into our cultures love of personal drama. Gotta feed that beast!

      • Dean Williams Dean Williams United States says:

        Please note that eating shellfish and wearing mixed fabrics was not "sin"; not following God's direction at that particular time was the "sin".  He was concerned for their well being, and provided them with directions on how to maximize their diet, preservation of clothing etc. This was in addition to scores of other laws/directions/order they were provided with.  This is no different than our society having laws on the books to protect us.  I've noticed time and time again how individuals in all the above posts (on both sides) have twisted facts (and in some cases decry a "lack of facts"). Please provide me with the biblical book , chapter, and verse which says a raped woman should marry her rapist (nowhere to be found as any directive).  Also there has been a progression of the relational laws given in the Old Testament portion of the Bible and the New Testament, hence the dictates about stoning "disrespectful" children etc.  cannot be found anywhere in the New Testament (and no true Christian would advocate any such behavior).  So its not picking and choosing, its merely a progression of how God dealt with society in the manner that was most appropriate to the overall health of society at that given time.  Some of these things are hard for us to fathom, but it seems to me that if there is a "God" and he created all things he would have to be pretty "incredible" and would therefore, probably know what's best for society at any given time.  Interestingly enough, our society accepts the killing of innocent babies in the womb (even up to the point where they would be able to survive even if they where taken out of their mother's stomach) and the same people who typically accept this practice are "mostly" the same ones who would rail against some of the "hard to fathom" prohibition/laws/consequences in the Old Testament.  They then accuse Christians who "rightly divide" and apply the scriptural mandates given by God himself (The Bible clearly teaches that God supernaturally guided the hand of man in writing the Bible exactly as he wanted it) of "picking and choosing".  If you don't believe me, then as an example, go into the New Testament and you'll find the removal of the dietary restrictions (given to Moses) being handed down to the Apostle Peter by God himself.  And so it is with many other issues.  The practice of homosexuality however is condemned equally throughout the entire Bible, as is heterosexual sexual immorality, killing, lying, stealing......

        And for those who claim that science trumps the Bible, they should ask themselves "where did science come from"? My answer God created everything; even the principles by which the universe functions.  Well how do you know there is a God? Ans. by the appearance of the historical Jesus.  Christianity is not a religion of myth, fantasies etc.  Its a religion based on a factual person, who made claims that if they were untrue, then he would have to be deemed to be nothing more than a lunatic/liar on the level of a poached egg and Christians would have to be the biggest fools in existence.  And before someone screams or but Christianity says you have to have faith; The theory of evolution has huge gaps in it that require "a leap of faith" to believe.  The atheist says there is no God.  How does he/she know, did he/she trek through the entire universe and the scores of Galaxies that science says exists? Has he/she gone to Heaven and found no God.  He/She has more faith in his statement than the average Christian does in a "tangible book" (which claims to be a true revelation from the "claimed creator" of all things), and a tangible historical figure (Jesus).  

        Finally, we should love one another in tone and in action.  We should all be free to engage in debate, conversation, discourse without personal attacks (ie. the advocate of an opposing view viciously attacking someone from the other side (calling them names etc.) while screaming for tolerance, love etc.) This does not mean that we all have to agree or even like what the other side is saying.  But it does say a whole lot (ie. the person really doesn't know, or are not able to communicate their position because of lack of facts, emotional control...) when a person resorts to attacking someone else just because they don't agree with them. And sad to say that's what I saw over and over again in the above posts, and in the general "market place of ideas" in our society today.

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