1. Amy Schrecengost Amy Schrecengost United States says:

    My problem, specifically with those who use religion to justify their arguments on homosexuality, is that they pick and choose what parts of the Bible they choose to follow (and they do choose these parts willingly). In almost the same breath that God (or I should say the fallible human(s) who wrote the passages) says homosexuality is a sin, he says that eating shellfish and wearing mixed fabrics are a sin. And the only sin that is greater than any other is denouncing God. Bible also states that if a woman is raped she should marry her rapist. Or that stoning you insolent wife or child is justifiable. We reserve the right to remind you of this.

    I don't hate religious people. And I honestly could care less if millions of people think homosexuality is wrong. Millions of people think tattoos are wrong too. If those extremely fervent anti homosexuals cannot get over their focus on other people's lives and deal with their own, then maybe they should move to a country that is actually a theocracy, like Saudi Arabia, and leave Americans with individual freedoms alone.

    Honestly, if everyone just dropped their "agendas" (both sides), and looked at this as nothing more than a legal matter (which is all it really boils down to in the end), then everyone could just shut up and move on already to actual important issues.

    There is no fun to be had in being objective though. And being objective certainly doesn't fit into our cultures love of personal drama. Gotta feed that beast!

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