1. The Wandering Minstral The Wandering Minstral United Kingdom says:

    How utter ridiculous all the 'counter arguements' - if one has to grace them with that term -are.  Statistically you are 12 times more likely to kill yourself or a family member with a gun in your house - and you're very unlikely to kill an intruder because bluntly you're not trained in how to do so.  Law enforcement officers spend weeks learning how and when to use firearms and your Dirty Harry fantasies just won't come true.  You'll either end up shooting yourself in the foot (or worse) or end up shooting a family member, innocent bystander or neighbour coming to check you're OK after seeing an intruder flee.

    • Mike Williamson Mike Williamson United States says:

      Interesting.  I find no documentation showing "shooting self in foot" to be common during home invasions, nor collateral casualties.

      Justice Department Uniform Crime Reports would be helpful to your claims.  Or in this case, smash your uninformed fantasy world.

      LEOs typically spend a few hours learning to shoot, btw, which is all it takes (speaking as a professional in this field, which you clearly are not) for basic competence.

      Your "statistic" was debunked about 30 years ago, and is the same crap being recycled in this article--unable to distinguish correlation from causality, and cherry picking data.

      But don't let people who actually know the subject get in the way of your hysteria.

      And good luck convincing 94 million gun owning families, and the Supreme Court, that you're right.

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