1. Kandis Lannigan Kandis Lannigan Canada says:

    I have gone undiagnosed for many years. My family doctor sent in the tests for my thyroid but tells me I'm fine.(and they only test TSH, NOT T3 or T4).
    I continued to suffer from all the symptoms of hypo yet my doc wont do anything.  I finally went to a natural path dr who tested me without a lab and yes sir, I am hypo.  Took Natur-throid for 6 months and felt like a new person.  Lost weight, sleeping better, hair stopped falling out, tons of energy, I felt like the light turned on inside and I had reason to continue.
    Now, because the darn Doctors cant fill their pockets or go on free vacations if they prescribe natural thyroid medications - they take it off the market and I have never hit such a low in my life.

    Would love to inflict hypo on all the Doctor's who are against natural thyroid medications and see how the like life after that.
    Totally disgusted with the medical profession!!!!!!

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