1. Arnold Arnold United States says:

    Are we comparing ourselves with our PREY???

    Animals are our food--

    I look at it this way---

    If you watch a PORNO and when asked which one would you want to go to bed with tonight and you pick same sex--well guess what; you are gay!! On the other side where I am straight---Look! I really dont care if you are GAY!!! I dont go around saying I bed a woman!! So please stop the movement--(straight people would rather not know) be yourself--and yes I would vote for same sex marriage..

    Love is LOVE---

    • Lithp Lithp United States says:

      I don't know how you expect people to vote for an issue if awareness can't be raised for it.

      Disregard that said issue shouldn't really be something that is voted on anyway.

      Disregard also that "saying I bed women" happens a lot in our society.

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