1. V Balaji V Balaji India says:

    Nomoshkar Dr

    Thank you so much for studies being conducted by scientists on this serious matter.

    Please clarify following points

    Vaccine acts a trigger for our body to produce antibodies. Then would not the number of antibodies produced by our body be a function of the type of vaccine used and the innate immunity level of the person being vaccinated ? I mean if the vaccine is a weakened virus, it would a trigger stronger response from our body than if the vaccine were a deactivated virus. Similarly if a person's level itself is low, his body may produce lesser number of antibodies than a person whose immunity level is higher

    Please also let me know. Flu shots are given once a year in the western world just before the flu season. And when the flu virus is quiet, the scientists have sufficient time to research and release updated vaccines which would be relatively better than a vaccine of the previous year. However, Corona virus is continuously mutating throughout the year. So won't science just keep chasing the virus ? I mean the vaccine may not even be as effective as the flu shots ( which are also not 100 % effective ).

    Please note that viral infections affect only 5 % of the population seriously. Mostly those with compromised immunity and co-morbidities. So would it not be prudent to identify and vaccinate them instead of the complete population. And again which vaccine..may be a question which needs to be considered. And the reduction in protection after just 5 months of vaccination ( with the assumption that the virus does not mutate significantly ) is another issue which needs serious thinking.

    Another pertinent question is how did the Flu pandemic 100 years ago end ? There ware no vaccines, no antibiotics, no hi-tech health care system. Did the virus perish with the dead infected person's ? Nearly 50 mn died then !!! So did the world pay a heavy price then ? And so the virus strains which survived were the ones which did not kill their hosts. Darwin's theory of Survival of the fittest ??

    Please respond if possible and if you have the time. Thank you. With warm regards. Balaji

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