1. Jonik Jonik United States says:

    This "smoking" bill would do some health damaging things, such as:
    * Ignoring and permitting any of over 400 pesticide residues to remain in typical cigarettes.
    * Ignoring and permitting dioxin-producing chlorine pesticide residues;
    * Ignoring and permitting dioxin-producing chlorine-bleached cigarette paper;
    * Ignoring and permitting radiation from certain phosphate tobacco fertilizers;
    * Ignoring-permitting added burn accelerating substances and "fluffing" technologies;
    *  Giving the FDA power to lower nicotine levels, as is the case in "lite" cigarettes designed to prompt more and more smoking, and deeper inhaling;
    * Forbidding communication of information that a cigarette may be free of those pesticides, burn accelerants, dioxin-producing chlorine elements, or the fertilizer radiation;
    * And…despite the glaring conflicts-of-interest, failing to ban the above-referenced cigarette interests, or their insurers or investors, from participating in regulatory committees.

      This legislation protects the interests of easily the most harmful parts of the cigarette industry.  Proper legislation would forbid any untested or known-harmful non-tobacco cigarette component, require compensation to Guinea-pigged consumers, finally test PLAIN tobacco for real or potential risks, and perhaps (even radically) provide government subsidies for Organic Tobacco Agriculture if for no other reason than to prevent the crimes, costs, and vast social disruptions of another Prohibition.

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