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  1. Lisa Sims Lisa Sims United States says:

    In the past few years I've become increasingly exhausted, persistent eye infections that never really go away after several trips to the eye doctor,  left arm and leg numbness been to the chiropractor with no relief, irritability, cold intoletant feeling feverish often, soft nails frequent colds, hypothyroidism.  I can't seem to fully recovered for a period of time.  I went to my internist and had 7 blood tests done.   My selenium levels came back very high, totally out of the normal range.  I am a fitness trainer for 19 years.  I eat very healthy.  I do take vitamins, NO bodybuilding supplements. I have now stopped all vitamins.  Still feel exhausted.   I will see my internist this Thursday.  Hopefully, we can start a productive plan.  Any suggestions appreciated.

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