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  1. Narah diaz Narah diaz United Kingdom says:

    I am dealing with this pregnancy alone obviously as it is not medically acknowledged... I have had the blood test and urine which reveal I am negative however that clearly isn’t possible as I’ve had pregnancy symptoms and as time goes on now and the weeks develop I’ve realised a new symptom each week! This week it is headaches and it’s funny that because apparently at this stage of pregnancy The baby can now hear. I will not stress or get frustrated I will remain calm, it would be nice to have medical help and assistance. Also I bleed a tiny bit monthly, therefore me not having traces of hcg doesn’t surprise me, how could it build up if my body bleeds it out ? On pregnancy test it instructs you to take a test after your ‘MISSED’ period which is to allow your body to build up enough hgc. However technically if a period isn’t being missed a test isn’t scientifically proven to work in that case. Anyway if you know your body and yourself trust in that but don’t rely on the doctors... Not every diagnosis is in the books.

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