1. Stephen Hauer Stephen Hauer United States says:

    While there is No CURE for Allergic ASTHMA…

    It CAN be Prevented.

    Be on Allergy Alert ( especially in a Genetically Pre-Disposed Infants ).. to the first signs of Allergy March.

    Allergy March = Allergy / Asthma Parents > Infant / Birth > Eczema ( Food Allergy) > Colic Infant ( Food Allergy ) > Ear Issues ( Allergy Re-Inventing to Respiratory ) > Wheezing > Rhinitis > Allergic ASTHMA by Age 5-8 yr.

    Given first signs of Allergy MARCH, a simple IgE Blood Draw for Enviro Offending Allergens will Blood Test ID / Confirm if Atopy March has begun.

    If Allergy March has begun, simply begin Infant on 100% Natural, Peppermint Flavored Sublingual ImmunoTherapy Allergy DROPs, which have been Custom Formulated specifically to the Infant’s Allergy Profile.

    Sublingual Immuno-Allergy DROPs will STOP the Progression of the Infant’s Allergy SnowBall… And begin to Melt It ..

    Before it has a chance to Roll to a LifeTime Slippery Slope of compromised Health & Quality of Life caused by Allergic ASTHMA.

    Remember .. Do NO Harm !

    And by NOT Doing = A Lifetime of Allergy / ASTHMA Harm

    The Time is Now to Drop Your Allergies !

    Do it for the Children ..

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