1. Laurie Pierce Laurie Pierce United States says:

    In addition to the aforementioned comments, I am not seeing the statistical modeling, which was used in this study.  While this is a nascent area of study, there was no review of current literature.  There is also no shortage of vaccination and we are struggling to get late adopters to accept vaccination in general.  It is also too early to state how long natural immunity will continue.  Finally, the COVID vaccinations appear to be reducing the effects experienced by, "long haulers."  www.yalemedicine.org/news/vaccines-long-covid.  The author will have a difficult time getting this through peer review.

    • Duane Kerzic Duane Kerzic United States says:

      Exactly. If this was India or Brazil right now, or another country with a shortage of vaccine this is an important consideration. Give the vaccine doses to those that have not had infection first. And maybe only give one dose so everyone has some protection.

      But this is getting spread on every department of health website in the USA right now and increasing vaccine hesitancy. And we need to get everyone vaccinated if we want a normal life again.

    • Jonny Fin Jonny Fin United States says:

      It’s great to have a non-experimental option too!

    • Brett Whaley Brett Whaley United States says:

      A recent study from Washington University of St Louis SOM took bone marrow aspirations and found that long term immunity in the previously infected is highly likely. Antibodies do not stick around forever. The task eventually goes to long term memory cells in the bone marrow that produce resistance in the future when re-exposed to the pathogen.

      We know through common sense that the previously infected have at least approximately 18 months of immunity as they are extremely rarely reinfected. Those that are have minimal issues.

      We do NOT know the same for the vaccinated as the genetic therapies have only been in mass circulation for 6-7 months.

      It is also interesting that we in the medical community ignore the worldwide studies on therapies such as Ivermectin that have shown great success in TREATMENT.

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