1. Jennifer Dewing Jennifer Dewing United States says:

    I was diagnosed with a 60% hearing loss in my right ear as a young child. i wore an external hearing aid for many years. During puberty, I found that I needed to turn the hearing aid down more and more, until I no longer needed to turn it on at all. After awhile, I didn't even wear it. Testing showed that all but around 5% of my hearing in my right ear had developed.

    I am now 32 and I have been able to hear in both ears for about 20 years. My hearing is not as good in my right as it is in my left, but I no longer need any device to hear. Sometimes, I can tell that the hearing in my right ear "winks in and out" so to speak, but it is not something that is long lasting.

    I wonder if this is something that occurred in me.

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