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  1. R.C. SCHILLING R.C. SCHILLING United States says:

    I am in a serious relationship with a women in her mid 20's. I am 50 and our sexual encounters about 4-5 times per week last over 2-3hrs. Her preference is female on top. Does the position have a factor? She follows with felatio and other intimate activity lasting over a hour is this normal?

    • Johann Wolfgang Johann Wolfgang United States says:

      What's abnormal is dating someone young enough to be your daughter. Try dating someone your own age for a change, and let kids be kids.

      • Joe
        joe igweindahouz joe igweindahouz Nigeria says:

        He is normal. The lady's activity is a factor that contributes to that. There is nothing wrong with his having an affair with a younger lady. We are talking about sexual activity. I stay about 4 - 7 minutes when am riding the woman with different sex positions but she can go as long as 1-hour and above when she is on top of me.

    • Jason Jason Canada says:

      I feel your a perfectly normal couple don't let age be an issue. If she wants and older guy she will have on be glad it you.

    • Jackson Jackson United States says:

      Hey man, you're living life. 30 years difference doesn't mean anything. Lust, love, attraction are all the same. Look at Michael Jackson, he was 50 and healthy and there were plenty of young 20 year old somethings that would throw it at him, PLENTY. I hope you don't feel a bit of shame for the blessing you have. Longer sex is great sex as long as its passionate as well. Keep the passion, the spark, the fire, and nothing is ever wrong. Short or long. We don't have long for this world as it is. Live it up!

    • Mike Mike United States says:

      Dude, you're living the dream, what you have is not normal but consider it extraordinary, something legendary, something above and beyond normal. My only advise is to leave her before she leaves you. Her being in the 20's is too volatile. But your edge is that she is unlikely to find another like you.  If you believe you're in love,make sure you have a spare tire,and be prepared to get a flat.  In other words,prepare your heart to be broken.  Way to go dude...you da man!

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