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  1. John Adams John Adams United States says:

    I feel more of them while sitting still watching tv or laying down. I always think it's because i'm at a certain angle. I try everything to rid myself of them. they started in 1987, but who knows I might have had them all my life but only then did I start noticing them. I hate having to white knuckle my way through an episode of them. We are not alone, but I feel so alone when I get them, like no one else understands...

    • Nick Seaung Nick Seaung United States says:

      I have the exact same thing, while watching TV on the recliner ..  It comes and goes ..  sometimes with a sharp pain..  Doc Checked out fine , But i do have a small murmur from childhood.. not sure if it still there.  remember we are not alone..  I think for every symptom , there's someone else that can share the same experience.. thanks..

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