1. Brenda Reed Brown Brenda Reed Brown United States says:

    I was referred to Dr Wolfe, back in the early nineties. I had various symptoms and a positive ANA. He tested me for Lupus and said I had a low borderline positive test, and he didn't think I had it.
    I asked ,well what is it then? He said he didn't know and it might just go away! He gave me two injections in my shoulders.
    I went out to my car and cried! I have struggled with what ever I "have" for over thirty years now. It wanes and then comes back affecting various areas.
    As of the last year I was referred to Dr Timothy Shaver for an elevated inflammation test result and joint muscle pain. I had to see on of his assistants, who xrayed my hands. On my next visit, he made an appearance and told me, he would see me on a as needed basis and to get a script from my primary for a muscle relaxer.
    So.....needless to say I haven't had much luck. I'm 67 yrs old, I'm not looking for disability.
    I JustWant To Feel Better!

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