1. Myrtonos Myrtonos Australia says:

    "Color vision deficiencies are not covered by existing regulations. Eight percent of the male population suffers from color blindness. Drivers affected by this condition associate the colors of traffic lights with their position but may become confused at night. The tests used to assess this condition are simple and practically cost-free. The study raises the possibility of using a different geometrical shape for each traffic light color to facilitate their identification by all drivers."

    Maybe their should be regulations about what colour distinctions drivers are requried to make. In Romania colour vision is covered but their regulaitons are so imprecise and backward that even green-weak/deuteranomous candidates such as blogger Vasile Tomoiagă are delcared "unfit to drive" in spite of being able to make all the basic colour distinctions and have adequate colour vision to pass otu as normal in everyday tasks and not even knowing about their anomoly until the have their colour vision checked.

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