1. Denise B Denise B United Kingdom says:

    I have hypothyroid symptoms for most of my adult life - I am now 62.  For the past 15 years I have been seeing my GP with hypo symptoms and signs but have been told that I have depression and anxiety.  When I saw one GP and asked him, apart from all the other symptoms I have, why are my eyebrows so sparse and the outer third missing he told me "it's your age, dear".  He did not say to me 'ah, yes, eyebrows sparse, missing outer third - classic sign of hypothyroidism'. Another GP sent me for tests at the hospital, thyroid scan, blood tests.  The doctor I saw there did not examine me, did not ask any questions - she just said that I did not have a thyroid problem.  Blood tests and scan 'normal'.  

    I was almost hibernating with the tiredness, I could hardly walk due to  the pain in my back, legs, hips, feet, I could hardly remember what day it was, I had no hair on my arms, legs and body, sinus pain, headaches, weight gain, constipation - so many symptoms and signs.  In desperation I raided my savings and saw a thyroid and metabolic specialist - he diagnosed me with hypothyroidism and the tests I had done (again paid from my savings) confirmed his diagnosis.  Over the past two years, with the help of this specialist, I regained my health.  I am now taking Armour and T3 and medication to support my adrenals.  In a strange way I am glad that I was not diagnosed by my GP because I would have been given thyroxin and remained unwell.  Because I have a post thyroid deficiency - the T4 cannot convert to T3 in my cells - the thyroxin would have been deadly for me.  Because I sought medical help OUTSIDE the NHS, I have been treated PROPERLY - I am regaining my health - I am feeling better than I have done in over 20 years.  If this wonderful thyroid and metabolic specialist can diagnose my thyroid hormone problem - and have it confirmed with tests - and then suggest medication which suits MY SPECIAL NEEDS, then why can't the NHS doctors and endos? This thyroid specialist is a medical doctor, he has a vast amount of qualifications. He trained at a leading London hospital.  Why should be be classed as a non-accredited practitioner just because he does not work within the NHS - he is a renowned and well respected doctor because he makes people WELL.  The independent laboratory where my tests were done is a reputable laboratory. The thyroid medication - Armour which I am taking has been around for over 100 years.

    I found the information which has given me back my life on the internet. I found help and support from an internet thyroid forum www.tpa-uk.org.uk. THE INFORMATION I FOUND ON THE INTERNET SAVED MY LIFE.

    The NHS has failed me - the NHS was killing me.  I have paid into the NHS all my adult life - what have they done to help me?  NOTHING! I have had to raid my savings to regain my health.  

    The hubris of these so called 'experts' who dictate what the NHS medical profession should say and think is astounding.  They hide behind their ivory tower, raking in vast amounts of money - they are not held to account or made to justify their 'guidance for diagnosis', they give no references to back this up. They are killing so many people by the result of their actions.

    I wonder what would happen if one of these 'experts'had hypot signs and symptoms and could not get a diagnosis because their blood tests were 'normal' - or if they were given thyroxine and they still felt ill. What would they do if the medical tests and the medication they NEED to make them well was not in their 'guidance for diagnosis'?

    Something has to be done - why is no-one listening?

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