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  1. Rosemary B Rosemary B United States says:

    There are plenty indeed. We are fortunate for Operation Warp Speed, the United States in particular has been denied the significance of this powerful measure taken in 2020 and that is a shame. It is a dishonest presentation by the sources we rely on for information, honest information and instead we are assaulted daily by vague pronouncements from our leaders.

    Then again, Our citizens are coming to believe that a magic wand will always appear to make things right, a dependency on those vague pronouncements.

    That said. This vaccination is effective TO A POINT and then it is not. This vaccine is, no matter how you desire to paint it in it's most desirable light, is temporary. Just the same as an annual flu vaccine of the "strain" that appears to be the most prominent each year.

    This guess work will continue to become more and more complex as the variations of evolution, particularly with global travel, and the strongest strain in a particular area of the globe, considering the environment and propensity to spread.

    "Fortunately, there is a great opportunity to reduce the impact of infectious diseases through preventative methods." ... we can hope.

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