1. Claire Claire United Kingdom says:

    I was on 100mcgs thyroxine for my hypothyroidism and felt dire. Was told it was psychological - and also told that my bleeding tendencies were too (Psychogenoc purpura. Amazingly - a haemotologist eventually clicked that he was seeing a lot of ladies whit hypothyroidism who had bleeding problems. He noticed that we were all on what seemed much lower doses than when he trained many moons ago. He also put 2 and 2 together and realised we all had acquired Von Willebrands secondary to hypothytroism -despite being adequately treated according to our TSH.

    He raised our doses of thyroxine until our Free hormone levels were at the top of the range. Our bleeding tendencies vanished and Von Willebrand factor activity returned to normal. Even better...all those horrid symptoms that we were told were psychological varnished and we all felt so much better. No more bleeding episodes and good health. Good heh...just every time we get our blood tested the lab writes back saying we are over-medicated.

    I did try reducing my dosage of thyroxine once3 -but stated bruising badly again. Not a good idea.

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