1. Shirley Kubica Shirley Kubica United States says:

    I have this too! I have been to 4 different doctor's and none new anything about these mites! One thought I had scabies and gave me a prescription for permethrin cream to put on from the neck down. Ha! The neck down, these things start on the face! I did rub it on my face too even though the directions said not too! I can say I had relief for a day or 2 at the most. I had done my own research and found an article about these critters and the symptoms of demodex mites, and sure enough , I know this is definitely what I have. I see my dermatologist on the 3rd of August and I am desparately waiting to talk about this and find out everything I have to do to get this under control. I have been going through this for 3 months not eating and hardly sleeping. I've lost 60lbs because of the stress, and almost lost my job because some days I'm to exhausted to work! My life is so upside down and I'm starting counseling because of this! I noticed after the first 2 shots of the vaccines, I've had more and more problems with my immune system! More infections and now this! I am not saying for sure the vaccines started this for sure, but I really want to know if that could be possible?

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