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  1. James Smith James Smith United States says:

    I can tell you personally that taking arginine, lecithin, zinc and pygeum have DRAMATICALLY increased my semen production. Huge amounts of preseminal fluid and then gushing loads. I am not selling these products, they are generic. I have also found that sudafed (pseudoephedrine) seems to draw fluid into my ejaculate and makes it fuller but watery. These physicians who make claims with such certainty scare me.

    • Craig Pillsfer Craig Pillsfer United States says:

      I concur with James.  Lecithin, zinc, and pygeum have dramatically incresed my load size.  And the doc who wrote the article is completely wrong about pleasure not linked to volume - I know from firsthand experience, and from others who turned me on to volumizers, that the orgasms are WAY WAY more intense and incredible.

      The reason there is no evidence of sexual pleasure is not because there is no "link" but because there's no economic incentive for commissioning these studies.

      I've been professionally involved in cancer studies for 15 years, and I've heard from patients that intravenous vitamin C was more effective for them than the conventional therapies, yet there will never be any efficacy data because there's no financial upside for anyone willing to pay for the studies.

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