1. L Maguire L Maguire United Kingdom says:

    I would like a real explanation as to why, after over twenty years of suffering with hypothyroidism and being diagnosed as having various serious illnesses which were treated by some very potent medications, whilst taking Levothyroxine in varying dosages over the years, I feel so much better after just three weeks of adding T3 to the Levothyroxine. This cannot be explained away easily, nor can it be denied as so many people have found this to be the case.
    As a full tax and National Insurance payer, I cannot get the medication I need to optimise the state of my health. I had my state benefits withdrawn after a medical examination even though the doctor stated on the form that it was his considered opinion that I needed at least another 6 months in which to recover. A fact my own GP had also stated.
    Since this is the case should I not then be reimbursed for all the money this government have fraudulently taken from me in tax and national insurance contributions over the years?
    If this medication had been made available to me through the National Health as it should have been, I would have taken less time off work with illnesses which can only be due to the hypothyroidism.
    I want to know why I am being refused the health care that I am entitled to.
    I would also like to know why there is so much pressure on GP's and Endocronologists to treat to the guidelines, which, in my honest opinion, are the worst in the world, and not treat the symptoms.

    The refusal to have full scale research into this, and look at all evidence for the use of dessicated thyroid/T3 in hypothyroidism, looks like someone has something to hide. There is a wealth of supporting evidence available to support this, which the BTA, RCP et al insist on denying. There are very good doctors out there who are punished because they only want the best treatment for their patients and not what is best for the RCP, BTA, Drug Companies and so on and so forth.

    Isn't it time we were given our rights back?
    Isn't it time we were given our health back?
    Why should we have to fight for treatment which has been proven for over a century?

    I find it amazing that in his day and age these people who profess to be EXPERTS, are so lacking in knowledge and information and so uncaring about life.
    These very people took a hypocratic oath. I suggest they read what that means as they seem to have forgotten.

    • Teresa Nevins Teresa Nevins United States says:

      I am from the USA and let me tell you, we have the very same problem. I was ill for 14 years with hypothyroidism (really from five years old) I couldn't function on T4. I am the one that did research and found out I needed T3. I found a doctor on a website that would prescribe it. Then when he left my HMO the next doctor refused to let me have that amount do to my TSH test. Etc. etc. etc. The same old story. I went to 4 endos and they never once suggested T3 in any form! 14 years of my life wasted; it was torture! I couldn't work; financally we will never recover. We are barely hanging onto our house. These doctors ruined my life! So I am back on a higher dose, but I am afraid my present doctor will not allow me to stay on it. So I have already been searching around for a new one to take her place just in case. I found a nurse practicioner at a low-income clinic that will use symptoms instead of tests to monitor it.

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