1. Laura Harris Laura Harris United States says:

    I am not a nurse, nor could I ever have the patience or guts to be one, but common sense tells me that, other than health issues that a person is born with, the rest is environment. I believe that most, not all, but most obesity/child obesity is due to lack of responsiility. Lets face it, we live in a fast world and fast food and sitting around playing computer games and texting is the in thing. Why we would let ourselves and our children fall into this cycle is beyond me. I am a shy person and face to face communication can be difficult at times, but I never loose site of the fact that it is important. Sometimes you have to look it in the eye and face your fears. That is what you accomplish and what makes you feel GOOD, that you faced your fears, and you made something happen for yourself by speaking up and voicing your opinion. Let's step back before fast food and fast living, we enjoyed life and savored the flavor of homemade food, the four food groups, writing a letter to a relative or friend, playing physically interactively with a relative or friend, why would we ever want to lose sight of that?

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