1. Judy Horvath Judy Horvath United States says:

    Hello, I am located in Cleveland, Ohio.  I am 67 years old.  I too have been diagnosed with amblyopia, left eye.  My left eye turned in as a very young child and was corrected with glasses and I believe with a patch for a very short period of time (I do not remember it).  The vision in my amblyopia left eye is very poor.  Reading an eye chart, if the first LARGE letter on the chart is an E,  I see only 3 horizontal lines and those lines are blurry as is.  I have peripheral vision which I am truly thankful for because I am able to pass the vision test to acquire my drivers license.  I cannot even IMAGINE having vision with both eyes.  I have been seeing a doctor at the Cole Eye Institute at Cleveland Clinic Foundation not for my amblyopia left eye but my right eye which came down with Iritis and it is now in remission after many years of treatment (it kept reoccurring).  Meanwhile while treating the Iritis I needed Caterac surgery in my right eye which gave my right eye 20/20.  I have lived with this, well, 67 years now and I honestly have just gotten use to it.    
    There is a small caterac in my left eye, I have been told, but it is to soon to remove it.  I also was told it will not improve my vision as the surgery did for my right eye.  If there is testing to enable vision in my right eye I would love to learn more about it.

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