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  1. Rebecca Perez Rebecca Perez United States says:

    I have leukopenia and have had it for a long time now, I am tired now of feeling sick all the time! I pray to god they find a medication soon to heal me and so many others.
    I pray for the doctors to never stop trying to find the answer to this illness. GOD BLESS AND HELP YOU DOCTORS AND THANK YOU FOR TRYING!

    • Sally Wood Sally Wood United States says:

      I was feeling very sick and tired all the time for several years...I have COPD so my family doctor just chalked it up to that, even tho my blood work showed very low white count.....now she sent me papers to sign....and as I read them, noticed she has written down, "Leukopenia" as one of my chronic conditions....I am not pleased since I had researched tiredness etc and told her I thought I had it but she at that time, asked me what Leukopenia was and then just brushed it off. I am not fond of doctors having so many errors with them these past 15 years ......I am not sure how to approach her on this subject but really feel she has not been fair and honest with me so I have every right to find another Dr who is educated and knows what they are doing.....many seem to book two patients at a time......it's more about their bank accounts, then properly treating patients.

      • Rick Ridgeway Rick Ridgeway United States says:

        Sally, I discovered I had leukopenia in 2012 by accident. My doctor hid the facts from me. They overdosed me on tc99 and other drugs. My records show copd also,never got meds for it. I also have bradycardia, arrhythmia and nodules on my lungs. They experimented on me. Rick

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