Understanding the impact of bladder cancer on daily life before and after diagnosis

Video credit: Janssen Pharmaceuticals

This episode forms the first part of a 3-episode video series, discussing all major topics related to bladder cancer care.

In this series, Daniel de Schryver - Patient Engagement & Advocacy Lead, Janssen EMEA, Dr Ignacio Durán - Medical Oncologist, Marques de Valdecilla University Hospital, Santander, and Alex Filicevas - Executive Director, World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition, discuss key challenges and opportunities in the bladder cancer disease landscape and the future of care.

Episode 1 focuses on quality of life for patients and delves into the impact bladder cancer has on daily life, both before and after diagnosis and treatment, from the holistic perspective of both patients and HCPs.

Watch Episode 2 here: Discussing tools and resources to support the bladder cancer patient community

Disclaimer: For non-UK HCPs only

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