DSC Characterization of Crystalline Structure in Foods and Pharmaceuticals

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DSC Characterization of Crystalline Structure: Foods & Pharmaceuticals

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The determination of the crystalline structure that exists in a pharmaceutical material is critical to fully understanding the inherent properties of the resultant drug. The crystal structure can influence the drug’s properties, such as stability and dissolution rates, as well as impact the formulation and processing conditions. For many years, Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) testing has given insight into the structure of these materials, but the testing and analysis does not always give a clear and concise result. In this webinar, we will dive into DSC testing and analysis of pharmaceutical materials to better understand how to obtain accurate results and avoid potential problems with data interpretation.

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Len Thomas joined the DuPont thermal analysis business in 1974 after spending 6 years as a research chemist in DuPont Photo Products. He is a Fellow in the North American Thermal Analysis Society (NATAS) and has taught many of their short courses.

Len was part of the management team that acquired the thermal business from DuPont in 1990 to create TA Instruments. Prior to becoming President of TA Instruments from 1996 to 2000, Len held positions in Sales, Sales Management, Marketing, and Applications Development. Len started his consulting business, DSC Solutions LLC, in 2005 and continues to support many TA Instruments customers.

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If you're interested in DSC analysis underpinning food testing and pharmaceuticals, this is the webinar for you.

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