Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Testing with Bedfont’s ToxCO Monitor

Bedfont's ToxCO monitors provide high quality breath testing for carbon monoxide poisoning. The monitors allow medical professionals to rapidly detect the CO poisoning levels of both conscious and unconscious patients in a variety of medical situations.

In addition, the monitor can be used in ambient mode. This measures the level of carbon monoxide present in the environment in real time, and will give an audible alarm if unacceptable levels are reached, safeguarding the responder from being CO poisoned themselves.

The easy-to-use monitor is robust enough to be used at the scene of an incident. The patient simply takes a deep breath, holds it, and then exhales slowly through the sampling system.

Within 20 seconds the result is displayed on screen, and can either be recorded manually or downloaded using the supplied software. A reading chart is also supplied, so it's easy to interpret the results of the test.

The ToxCO can also be used with unconscious patients, children, and babies who are unable to cooperate with the tests. The unit has built-in maintenance reminders and can be calibrated easily by non-technical staff using Bedfont's own calibration kit.

To find out more about how Bedfont ToxCO monitors can detect carbon monoxide poisoning before it's too late, please contact us today.

Using a ToxCO monitor

A ToxCO monitor is a carbon monoxide breath analysis monitor which can instantly diagnose CO poisoning with three sampling modes. The measurements can be taken by mouthpiece, face mask, which can be used on infant and elderly patients, as well as unconscious patients and it also can take an ambient air reading, which is measuring from the moment the monitor is switched on.

For a standard reading, you take a test with the mouthpiece, you'll need to insert your Steribreath mouthpiece into the D-piece. Then click on the icon for the mouthpiece test mode. This will ask you to breathe in and hold your breath for 15 seconds.

Once the countdown is finished, it allows you to exhale into the monitor until you've completely emptied your lungs.

To take a face mask sample, you'll need to attach the face mask to the monitor and click on the face mask sample mode icon. You will need to then breathe normally into the face mask and you'll see on the screen that the reading will stabilize.

For ambient air monitoring, you'll need to make sure that the monitor is switched on, and you'll see the reading here.

The ToxCO is ideal for emergency services for several reasons. First of all, it is easy to use for the patient and the user. Secondly, it is quick and non-invasive compared to a blood test, therefore reducing unnecessary hospitalizations.

Lastly, the ambient air mode will alarm more users of high atmospheric CO levels, safeguarding them and allowing them to prepare to enter the scene of an emergency.

About Bedfont ScientificBedfont® Scientific Ltd

Bedfont® Scientific has specialised in the design and manufacture of exhaled breath and gas monitoring instruments since 1976.

For medical gas monitoring, their Medi-Gas Check medical pipeline testing range verifies not only the quantity but also quality of gas administered to patients.

Bedfont's breath analysers include carbon monoxide (CO) monitors such as the Smokerlyzer®, used for smoking cessation, and the ToxCO®, used by emergency services, to diagnose CO poisoning.

The NObreath® FeNO monitor provides accurate analysis of airway inflammation for the control of asthma, and the Gastrolyzer® range aids in the detection of gastrointestinal disorders and food intolerances. Quick and non-invasive, breath analysis is the new blood test.

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