Professional treatments and facilities at Addiction Helper can help patients fight substance abuse

A common and effective way to recover from drug addiction is by booking yourself into a rehab centre to gain access to better treatment and professional support than you would receive at home.

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Facilities such as Addiction Helper have professional treatments that help addicts to fight substance abuse. They use a wide range of techniques and treatment methods to ensure that their patients are healed.

The rehabilitation centre has all the equipment needed to take you through the process of rehabilitation. The experts at Addiction Helper use their experience and expertise to identify your drug problem and recommend a solution that works best for you.

They handle all aspects of drug abuse including depression, stress and even mental effects of prolonged drug abuse. They do this to ensure that you are fully cured from your addiction.

Addiction helper offers all kinds of solutions for patients with drug related problems.  Some patients are admitted into the centre so that they can receive treatment for a period of about 3 months.

While there are other non-resident patients who receive treatments from their homes. Whatever the case, Addiction Helper’s professionals are dedicated to providing quality service for all.

All non-resident patients are advised to attend their scheduled visits so that they can receive their supply of medicine and counselling.

It is through such counselling sessions that doctors are able to know whether you have resolved to quit drugs or not. Also, some tests are done to assess how you are coping with the drugs. From their findings, the doctors can then make prescriptions for the future.

When the patient has accepted that they have a drug problem, the professionals at Addiction Helper find a suitable rehabilitation program for them. The professions do this by looking at the patient’s addiction level, health status and psychological needs.

Whether the problem is emanating from family pressure, job problems, and relationship issues or just peer pressure, Addiction Helper’s services are going to be of much help. By identifying the root cause of the problem, doctors are able to treat and counsel patients to avoid a relapse.

We have solutions for core drug addiction rehabilitation services. We do our best to ensure that all addicts are rehabilitated and assisted. However, we have to address contributing factors so that they do not fall into a relapse again” 

Daniel Gerrard, Addiction Helper

What Addiction Helper’s services provide:

  • Personalized attention. The medical personnel at addiction Helper offer personalized services that are dedicated to individual patients. They know that every addiction story is different and therefore, take different approaches to cure it. At Addiction Helper, the solution to drug problem begins with the identification of the cause. From there, the professionals decide on the treatment program to pursue.
  • A choice of medications to suit the addict’s needs. A recovering addict faces a lot of challenges. This begins with withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, headache and others. Luckily, Addiction Helper has a wide range of medications that help in easing withdrawal effects. Also, they adjust the medication as the treatment progresses.
  • Family feeling. Addiction Helper has a team of professionals who create a home environment for the patients. In so doing, they maintain the addicts together as a family. This gives the addicts an enabling environment to recover. The good thing is that they have activities that motivate people to working together.


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