Terahertz Waves to Show Tablet Variation

Terahertz waves are a unique set of waves that can measure the coating thickness of individual tablets. Moreover, this technology can also be used to demonstrate any variation in thickness to other similar tablets.

In-Line Probe

TeraView has recently introduced an in-line probe that can be placed into a tablet coating drum, thereby helping monitor and control the coating thickness of individual tablets. The TeraView ILOL3000 collects around 100 readings per minute, thus measuring several thousand tablets over an entire coating run.

This data can then be graphed in real time to reveal inter-tablet variations, and has the potential to be used alongside the wider control system. This enables the control of the tablet coating thickness, end point and also serves as a warning for potential malfunctions.

In comparison with other techniques, the reading from the ILOL3000 is absolute and thus doesn’t require a complicated chemometric model. This enables the analysis of a huge range of coating types and thicknesses, with detection limits ranging from 30 microns to several mm.

TPI Imaga 2000

TeraView continues to develop this unit in order to measure additional properties like density, moisture and Interface Index (a parameter that helps quantify the adhesion level of adhesion between two layers). The off-line TPI Imaga 2000 is a shining example of this technology, already proving the importance of such factors.

Envisaged as an improved version of TeraView’s existing off line TPI Imaga 2000 – which generates 3D images of individual tablets – is this new in-line system. These images have often shown a correlation between the product’s performance for controlled or modified release products.

The TPI Imaga 2000 is a vital piece of equipment in the design of these, and related, products, assisting in the identification and quantification of Critical Quality Attribute (CQAs). The in-line ILOL3000 is the next vital component in the measurement of these during process development, scale-up and ultimately, manufacture.

About TeraView Ltd.

TeraView’s patented terahertz technology and instruments can generate, detect and manipulate terahertz radiation to characterise a wide range of materials. Our technology generates spectroscopic information and 3D images using the unique signatures of terahertz light not found at other wavelengths.

Using our TPS Spectra 3000 turn-key system, we have already successfully demonstrated that terahertz spectroscopy has the major advantage of being a non-contact analytical method. It can be applied in the study of semiconductors, pharmaceutical products, medical imaging, novel materials research and non-destructive evaluation of ceramics, composites and more.

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