Terahertz Spectroscopy in the Pharmaceutical Industry

TeraView uses its expertise in terahertz light, proprietary terahertz imaging and spectroscopy technology to the quality by design initiative, thereby increasing pharmaceutical product and process understanding.

3D Terahertz Pulsed Imaging (TPI™) is a cutting-edge technology used in TeraViews systems to estimate critical quality attributes in a non-destructive manner, in pharmaceutical products such as crystalline structure, thickness and chemical composition.

TeraView’s Pharma Innovations team has successfully demonstrated the use of terahertz instruments in the assembly of 3D coating thickness maps. The use of these instruments for multiple coating layers and structural feature models thus enhances the understanding and increases the control of product scale and manufacture. In terms of analytical performance, measurements made by TeraView’s 3D TPI™ are equivalent or superior to traditional techniques.

Pharma Applications of Terahertz

Solid Dosage Analysis of Tablets – Terahertz imaging can be used in determining heterogeneity and integrity of pharmaceutical cores and coatings.

Tablet Coating Thickness In-line Control – Enables the monitoring and guidance of in-line pharmaceutical products and enhances understanding of product and process design.

Crystalline Structure Analysis of Drugs – Helps in the analysis of drug polymorphs with terahertz spectroscopy and understanding the dynamics of polymorphic inter-conversion.

TeraViews’ innovative 21CFR instruments are Part 11 compliant and can be used to monitor and ensure compliant product. TeraView is committed to continuously advancing and has recently demonstrated its capability to quickly gather information from tablets in random motion, all without destroying the sample, with the ultimate goal of use for in-line control.

The TeraView Pharma Innovations team is working on predictive models that can allow speeding through the product through R&D and successful product transfer.

Terahertz technology has found support from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which has recently stated that “the speed and ease of terahertz imaging may make it an attractive potential replacement for wet dissolution testing – both in product development and eventually for process analysis,” (Spencer, J.A., J Pharm Sci 2007).

About TeraView Ltd.

TeraView’s patented terahertz technology and instruments can generate, detect and manipulate terahertz radiation to characterise a wide range of materials. Our technology generates spectroscopic information and 3D images using the unique signatures of terahertz light not found at other wavelengths.

Using our TPS Spectra 3000 turn-key system, we have already successfully demonstrated that terahertz spectroscopy has the major advantage of being a non-contact analytical method. It can be applied in the study of semiconductors, pharmaceutical products, medical imaging, novel materials research and non-destructive evaluation of ceramics, composites and more.

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