Features and Capabilities of the Cell Membrane HSP70 Antibody

StressMarq has announced the release of a new antibody which is specific for cell membrane embedded heat shock protein 70 (HSP70).

Clone 1H11 (Catalog No. SMC-249), their anti-HSP70 antibody, is different from other commercially available antibodies in that it can bind to the extracellular region of cell membrane embedded HSP70 protein, enabling researchers to differentiate between intracellular and cell membrane embedded HSP70 across types of cancer cells.

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Cancer and Cell Membrane Embedded HSP70

HSP70 expression is heightened due to environmental stressors such as radiation, heat or toxic chemicals, in addition to internal stressors like disease states. Current research has discovered that in tumor cells, a part of HSP70 becomes embedded in the cell membrane (1). The presence of cell membrane embedded HSP70 has been discovered to heighten the stability of cancer cells, and so protect tumors from environmental stress (2, 3).

Clinical Significance of HSP70

Significantly decreased survival rates have been seen in patients whose tumor cells have tested positive for cell membrane embedded HSP70. Consequently, in a clinical setting, detection of cell membrane HSP70 could act as a negative prognostic marker in cancer patients (4).

Research has exhibited that the upregulation of cell membrane HSP70 on tumor cells is a side effect of chemotherapy (5-8). This upregulation of HSP70 may be conferring a protective effect on tumor cells, and so blocking effective decrease of the tumor.

Cancer researchers are investigating the employment of HSP70 inhibitors as a potential cancer treatment as a result of this. Furthermore, cancer researchers are also looking to exploit cell membrane which is embedded HSP70 on tumor cells as a marker for directing tumor cell specific therapies.

Cell Membrane HSP70 Detection

It is suggested that HSP70 experiences a conformational change in the lower pH environment characteristic of cancer cells, as HSP70 localizes to the cell membrane of cancer cells but not normal cells (7).

Current antibodies which are commercially available bind to intracellular HSP70, but cannot bind to the altered conformation of HSP70 when it is embedded in the cell membrane. The new cell membrane HSP70 Antibody from StressMarq can bind the altered conformation of HSP70 while embedded in the cell membrane, making it a vital tool for cancer research in the life sciences.

In addition, it has been shown to bind intracellular HSP70 to a lesser extent when the cell membrane is permeabilized. The HSP70 Antibody (SMC-249) from StressMarq has been rigorously validated for utilization in western blot, immunocytochemistry/immunofluorescence, flow cytometry, and fluorescence-activated cell sorting.

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