Producing the Most Information from Criminal Casework Samples

The most amount of information that can be gathered from criminal casework samples can be extracted using the forensic genomics solution. Crime laboratories can use next-generation sequencing (NGS) to evaluate every locus in use at present, along with hundreds more, all at the same time.

Forensics laboratories started utilizing DNA testing in the 1980s to assist in the investigation of criminal cases that could not be solved before that time. As DNA testing can be employed to exclude or include individuals, it has become an essential tool.

In forensic genomics laboratories found internationally, difficult DNA samples are sometimes tested several times to retrieve a complete set of data.

This testing may comprise single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), Y-STRs, mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) sequencing, and autosomal short tandem repeat (STR) analysis.

Laboratories may be required to carry out several assays utilizing a range of technologies on poor quality samples of a small quantity. The samples may be placed aside as inconclusive, partial data if the DNA testing does not yield definitive results. This process is changed by NGS.

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Workflow for Criminal Casework

Forensic casework can be streamlined by the ability to perform several tests simultaneously using the Illumina sequencing-by synthesis (SBS) technology found on the MiSeq FGx Forensic Genomics System.

Crime laboratories can change mixed, limited, and degraded DNA samples into a more detailed and complex profile by employing this sequencing system.

The targeted sequencing of STR and SNP loci that are forensically relevant enables the generation of leads, even on cold cases.

The fully validated forensic NGS workflow by Verogen comprises a tailored benchtop sequencing instrument, a dedicated library prep kit, and an analytical software package to gain answers from any sample quickly.

Sample and Library Preparation

DNA Extraction & Quantitation:

Verogen suggests utilizing the current quantitation and DNA extraction techniques.

Library Preparation:

ForenSeq DNA Signature Prep Kit

In one test, the user can assay around 200 genetic markers. This includes all reagents to draw up sequencing libraries from forensic DNA samples.


MiSeq FGx Reagent Kit

Ready-to-use, pre-filled reagent cartridges, designed with the MiSeq FGx System in mind.

MiSeq FGx Instrument

The original fully validated next-generation sequencing system for forensic genomics.

Data Analysis

ForenSeq Universal Analysis Software

Total functionality to investigate and understand a broad range of database samples and forensic casework.

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Take a Genomic Leap Forward in Forensic Science

The MiSeq FGx System is the first fully validated NGS solution created specifically for forensic science.

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Attain forensic results that are more conclusive with a single, central workflow.

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Future of Forensic Genomics

Researchers utilize NGS to extract data that is more information-rich and to answer more challenging forensic questions.

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Harnessing NGS to Solve Crimes

MiSeq FGx is employed by criminologists to achieve high-resolution DNA profiling to produce advanced forensic DNA databases.

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About Verogen, Inc.

Introducing the world’s first sequencing company solely dedicated to forensic science. Forensic laboratories are unique, and require unique scientific solutions.

We get this. Because we live it. We create thoughtfully tailored genomic solutions for forensic DNA labs. The kinds of tools we longed for when we worked in those labs ourselves. We formed an independent company with dedicated resources because we believe it’s the best way to fully address those unique needs.

The last few decades have seen tremendous advancements in molecular biology techniques, such as massively parallel sequencing. While our colleagues in other scientific fields have embraced and benefited from these improvements, forensic genomics has yet to realize the potential of the evolved technology. It’s time we had modern tools tailored to our needs.

Verogen understands this. Our sole focus is to advance science to help unlock the true potential of forensic genomics. Powered by Illumina technology and free of legacy method allegiance, we are uniquely positioned to support forensic labs with innovative solutions purpose-built for the challenges of DNA identification. Working in partnership with the community, we can elevate the forensic genomics lab’s role in preserving public safety—and improve global justice for all.

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