CL-3000: UVP Crosslinker

The CL-3000 UVP crosslinker can be used across a wide range of applications, from general use applications to specific N95 mask disinfection applications.

CL-3000: UVP Crosslinker

General use applications include:

  • UV-induced mutations
  • Membrane crosslinking
  • Biomolecular crosslinking
  • UV dose calibrated to a NIST traceable standard

N95 mask disinfection applications include delivering up to 10 J/cm2 of germicidal ultraviolet (UV), which is far above what is required for the disinfection of N95 masks, according to guidelines set out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

CL-3000 Features

A built-in radiometer calibrated to a NIST traceable standard facilitates the precise and accurate dosing to eliminate the need for end-user calibration, and safety interlocks protect users from being exposed to accidental UV.

The CL-3000 is also able to deliver up 10 J/cm2 of UVA, UVB, or UVC, all from a compact system with a small footprint that will not take up unnecessary lab space. Surface illumination is also highly uniform with the CL-3000.

Readers can access an extensive publication record using UVP Crosslinkers here.

CL-3000: UVP Crosslinker

​​​​​​Using Shortwave UV (UVC) as a Disinfectant

In healthcare environments, ultraviolet light is believed to be an ancillary disinfectant to chemical disinfectants. The high-precision, CL-3000 crosslinker can produce a cumulative dosage of 10 J/cm2, which is far beyond the amount needed for effective disinfection.

The CL-3000 offers users highly uniform UVC light, and most importantly, the system is equipped with real-time monitoring capabilities of UVC dosage in order to ensure reproducible dosing is achieved, irrespective of space and time.

Immobilizing Nucleic Acids to Membranes

The UVP Crosslinker is a microprocessor-controlled UV irradiation system. The system is dedicated to nucleic acid linking to membranes for Southern, Northern, Dot, and Slot Blot applications. It is also possible to use the UVP for UV disinfection, as well as for the elimination of PCR contaminations.

Microprocessor Controlled Reproducibility

The UV light emission is continuously monitored by the programmable microprocessor, and irradiation stops precisely when the programmed energy is achieved. As a result, the effects produced by decreasing UV intensity stemming from aging bulbs are effectively compensated for.


The UVP Crosslinker boasts a combination of the latest UV technology and high-quality manufacturing. This is seen in the aluminum UV exposure chamber, the protective quartz disk situated on the UV sensor cell, and the highly resistant and easy-to-clean keypad and housing.

Ease of Use

A large display offers users a series of predefined methods, which makes the UVP Crosslinker a user-friendly but powerful instrument capable of immobilizing nucleic acids to membranes. The programmed data are shown on an LED display.

Legacy UVP Crosslinkers

From 1 August 2020, Legacy UVP Crosslinker CL-1000 orders will be upgraded to the new CL-3000 Crosslinker. Customers that specifically require the CL-1000 version should contact customer service. Service and spare parts for UVP Crosslinker CL-1000, CL-1000M, and CL-1000L will be available and offered for 5 years from 1 August 2025, the date of discontinuation.

CL-3000: UVP Crosslinker

Technical Data

Technical Specifications CL-3000 CL-3000M CL-3000L
Wavelengths 254 nm 302 nm 365 nm
Bulbs 6 x 8 Watt
Energy 0000.1 - 9999.9 mJ/cm² (0 - 10 J/cm²)
Time 000:01 - 999:59 (>300 J/cm²)
Temperature 15 °C - 35 °C
Humidity 70% Non-Condensing
Altitude up to 3,000 M (9,842 ft)
Sound Level ≤ 50 dba
Housing Surface Temp ≤ 30°C
Startup Time <1 sec
External Dim (L x W x H) 41 cm x 40 cm x 26.5 cm
Internal Dim (L x W x H) 35 cm x 27 cm x 16 cm
Weight 6.8 Kg: 15 lb
Operating Power 100 - 115 VAC & 230 VAC 50/60 Hz
Certifications CE, RoHS (CSA In Process)


About Analytik Jena US

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Our business unit Analytical Instrumentation offers excellent competencies in the fields of optical spectroscopy, sum parameters and elemental analysis. Being proud of our core competency we grant all our customers a long-term warranty of 10 years for our high-performance optics.

About lab automation

With more than 25 years of market experience, Analytik Jena with its CyBio® Product Line is a leading provider for high quality liquid handling and automation technologies. In the pharmaceutical and life science industries, our products enjoy the highest reputation for precision, reliability, robustness and simplicity.

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